EMZ Lounge in Sheffield

In the heart of the bustling Sheffield City, our team had the privilege to breathe new life into a vibrant bar and restaurant space. By day, it’s an inviting culinary haven where foodies gather to savour Afro-Caribbean dishes. But as the sun sets, it transforms into a dynamic music venue, pulsating with energy and rhythm. This project was all about seamlessly fusing form and function, creating an environment that caters to diverse tastes and moods.

Urban Resitalisation

We’ve turned a once dark and dingy bar into a luminous, inviting space that beckons all to enjoy its vibrant atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the world of feature prints and colours, mesmerizing neon, and new furniture that breathes life into every corner.


Delivering Excellence

This incredible transformation may have been our speediest to date, where we turned a client’s vision into reality in under 8 weeks!

This remarkable journey from brief to completion showcases our dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations. Working alongside our expert suppliers and contractors, we were able to promise and delivery what the client needed from us!

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Our Project Diversity

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