The Brewery Tap, Barnsley

Introducing the Brewery Tap, a flagship venue for the Nailmaker Brewery, that has recently undergone a remarkable transformation!

Nestled on the edge of Barnsley, the brewery has long been celebrated for its exceptional brews, enjoyed by locals and visitors to the area. However, our clients wanted to create an inviting space where visitors could not only savour the renowned beers but also immerse themselves in the unique Nailmaker experience.

From Dreary to Dazzling

Stepping into the revamped Brewery Tap, you’ll immediately notice the distinctive branding which was carefully sign-written across the full apex wall. We also added weathered timber panels to break up the long room. Carefully placed neon signage adds a touch of urban energy.

Lighting was key in this space, to warm the room up and create that cosy pub style feel we added in wall lights and festoon lighting along the walls and beams. To finish we added foliage to the beams to give that traditional pub feel.

Brewery Tap

Comfort Seating Choices

A variety of seating options were added to ensure comfort, from stylish poseur-style furniture to comfortable low seating arrangements. As a nod to the brewing heritage, we repurposed the beer barrels into unique tables and add the Nailmaker branding, the perfect place to put your pint!

Since the transformation, the Brewery Tap has emerged as a premier destination venue, always buzzing with activity and one of our locals! Cheers!

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