Shuyo Restaurant in Sheffield

Shuyo is a vibrant Korean restaurant nestled in the heart of Sheffield’s lively student area. We are thrilled to have completed this exciting project in collaboration with our clients. Shuyo is more than just a fast food joint—it’s a celebration of Korean cuisine and a gateway to its unique flavours.

A Seamless Brand Integration

Working closely with our clients, we ensured that their vision of a Korean restaurant, showcasing the specialty of Korean food, was brought to life. Already an established brand, we crafted a design that seamlessly integrated with their overall branding, creating a cohesive and captivating experience for diners.


Harmonising Tradition & Modernity

Drawing inspiration from industrial concepts and traditional Korean design , we curated an airy and inviting space.The fusion of industrial elements and the use of lighter woods for screened details creates a harmonious atmosphere that complements the dining experience.

To give Shuyo its own feel, we decided to incorporate pops of colour into the design. These subtle touches add a playful and refreshing twist, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the space. As part of our design concept, we incorporated eye-catching neon signage throughout the interior, adding to Suyos strong brand focus.

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