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Space planning Interior design Concept development Lighting Design Project management
Space planning Interior design Concept development Lighting Design Project management

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Lawress Hall

At Orka Interiӧr we an interior design agency in Sheffield, which specialises in providing a range of creative interior design services for commercial and residential clients. Offering a combination of imaginative design and project management expertise, we take our clients ideas and transform them into a reality that exceeds expectations. Whether you’re refurbishing a restaurant, launching a new commercial project, or planning on renovating your home, we have the creative flair and skills to transform your business premises or home.


We are passionate about design and believe that our surroundings should grow alongside use. This is why we create designs which not only look visually stunning, but are also designed to be practical for those who work or live in them. Our services encompass all aspects of interior design, from space planning and concept development, to furniture and material selection, custom joinery and project management. Since Orka Interiӧr was founded we’ve worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, providing commercial and residential clients with beautifully designed interiors to suit their business or lifestyle.

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At Orka Interiӧr, we are an interior design agency in Sheffield and specialise in creating bespoke designs that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, catering to both commercial and residential clients.

Our services encompass every aspect of interior design, from initial concept development and space planning to meticulous project management and final styling. With nearly two decades of combined experience, our team is dedicated to transforming spaces through thoughtful colour consultations, material selections, and custom joinery.

We pride ourselves on tailoring each project to reflect our clients’ unique tastes and aspirations, ensuring a personalised and satisfying design journey. At Orka Interiӧr, we believe that our surroundings should evolve alongside us, mirroring our growth and aspirations through timeless and elegant design.

Our passion for design enables us to bring creativity and style into every project, guiding clients from the initial inspiration to the final installation, bringing their dream interiors to life with meticulous attention to detail. Whether we’re transforming a busy commercial space or crafting a relaxing and welcoming home, we are committed to delivering excellence at every stage of a project.